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About SPELD Victoria

SPELD Victoria is a membership based, not for profit organisation and registered charity. We are also the Peak body for Specific Learning Difficulties in Victoria, meeting with government and the community to advocate for change. For the last 48 years we have worked to serve the estimated 1 in 10 Victorians with Specific Learning Difficulties (like Dyslexia).

Today, our shared vision is that every Victorian child has the opportunity to reach their learning potential. We work with our members, government, schools and the community to make this vision a reality for children with SLDs.

Currently many children with SLDs are undiagnosed and falling through the cracks. Dyslexia and SLDs are not an intellectual disability, yet these children, their teachers and community often do not understand their condition. Frustratingly, their opportunity to achieve their learning potential is limited by this lack of understanding and support. 

Sadly young people with SLDs are overrepresented among early school leavers and in our prisons and mental health systems. We believe there is phenomenal potential for positive change in Victoria’s schools and workplaces if these children can learn in a way that suits them. There are countless examples of leaders in all fields who have succeeded without early diagnosis and specialist support. Imagine all these kids got the support they needed when they needed it most. This is our shared challenge. 


SPELD does a few things to help. We; 

  1. Provide Educational Assessments for people of all ages
  2. Provide seminars and workshops for parents of children with SLDs
  3. Train teachers and schools to better support students with SLDs
  4. Support people with SLD’s and those that work with and care for them through networks and information services
  5. Advocate as the peak body for SLDs in Victoria as a member of the AUSPELD network nationally 

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