Our History

 With over 47 years of experience, SPELD Victoria's history is indeed rich.....

In March 1968, The National Symposium on Dyslexia was hosted in Melbourne by the Australian College of Speech Therapists. At this time, professionals from across Australia gathered to discuss the hidden problem affecting so many in the community: Specific Learning Difficulties. From this meeting, a Victorian Committee for Dyslexia Children was  appointed. This resulted in the establishment of SPELD Victoria in August 1969.

In the future, SPELD Victoria will continue to work to uphold the values set down all those years ago and to continue to assist those with learning difficulties within our community. This year, documenting the history of SPELD Victoria is a Board priority.  It is important to remember those who worked so passionately to make SPELD Victoria what it is today and record their efforts formally and say thank you.


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