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Dear members and friends

After much deliberation and consultation with members the board has decided to sell our property at 494 Brunswick Street.  

An auction is scheduled for 2pm on the 29th of August.  The sale will be managed by Chambers Real Estate - you can view the househere.

Saying goodbye will not be easy.  Hundreds of people worked tirelessly for decades to secure and maintain that home as a stable base for the SPELD.  It has been a place where thousands of people have received (often life changing) assessments and learning support.  It has been the HQ for hundreds of events that have taught thousands of teachers and parents how to better support students to learn and achieve at school and home.

But the truth is, if we are to serve the 47,000 Victorian students who need our help, we need to outgrow that home.  We need to move across the state, and online, we need to be there where and when people need us - in homes and schools.

SPELD’s strategy sets us up to advance from a focus on one-to- one center based assessment and tutoring services to direct more of our energies on development, advice and support services for members that proved to be so successful in the past, married with the technologies and techniques that the evidence shows drive learning.

The next five years will see us reaching further out to dramatically transform learning and peer support in schools and families across the state.  I trust that this is the right decision and am positive that as we grow we will keep with us the important values and achievements this house represents. 

These values are best encapsulated by the quotes from our history....

Addresses to Open the SPELD Centre - Thursday 29th June 1978

It is often said the worth of a society can be judged by the way it treats the very young and the very old. I believe it to be true. But it is also true that a real test of compassionate people lies in its attitude to the handicapped. By this test, Victoria stands increasingly high through the concern, commitment and involvement of the Government. But this we regard than no more than our duty, and what I find truly impressive is the commitment of private citizens through organisations such as SPELD….

I suppose that, as one member of the association said this week, SPELD should eventually put itself out of business by establishing such a firm bond between parents, teachers and professional advisers in an atmosphere of compassionate community concern that its works would become superfluous.
SPELD has helped awaken the community to the problem of learning difficulties but we still have great need of its sense and direction, and so it is that SPELD has moved here from Collins Street. These premises provide all the facilities which the association needs – an office, a consultation room, a library, a conference room, a coffee room for the comfort of parents after consultation – and it has been financed by more than $72,000 raised over five years by private appeal to members of the association and interested supporters. For our part, the Government pays the consultant’s salary.

But it is the people who give themselves who give the most. This is when out community is at its best – when it cares for its weaker members. Government cannot legislate compassion and self-respect. They cannot impart dignity and human understanding. But there are in Victoria, fortunately fine citizens that can and do.
The Hon R.J. Hamer. E.D. MP, Premier of Victoria

I’d like to finish by giving a message to all SPELD members. Now that this Centre is in existence don’t relax your efforts. There is still a lot of work to be done. Your professional sub-committee has just completed the preparation of a statement of where we stand today. Starting from there, I hope that every member will now carefully consider our hopes and priorities for another successful ten years. 
Dr T.G. Hagger


...We must go on working because this area is still in great need of our community.
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch 

These quotes acknowledge the efforts of the members of SPELD, hundreds of volunteers every year equalling over 23,500 annual members since 1969 who have worked out of that house to serve tens of thousands of Victorian students.  

46 years since our first meeting was attended by 500 members we are still seeking to grow.  Our growth, to reach more students, regardless of income or location is supported by an awakening in community awareness driven by volunteers and practitioners from within and without SPELD.  We are growing almost as quickly as in our first days.

What next?
I have 
written some FAQ’s and made short videos answering some of immediate questions:

Why sell?            

What does this mean for the SLC and Assessment Services?       

How was the decision made?    

Does this mean that SPELD is in financial trouble?            

What will be done with the proceeds of the sale?            

Is the money going to be spent on expensive management consultants?             

How will the management of the money be overseen?

How can I ask more questions/raise concerns? 

Watch the videos here.

Please join us to honour our history and celebrate all of the good things yet to come:  

Farewell to 494 Brunswick Street

Lunch from 12pm on 16 August 2015

RSVP with dietary and access requirements by August 10 operations@speldvic.org.au

I hope to see you there.


Clare Carmody
P:(03) 9480 4422 | M: 0450 718 054


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