SPELD in the paper about changes to VCAA

SPELD in the paper today

Today The Age featured the story of one of our members as it covers the challenges of VCAA special provisions…

“Charlie Frances has dyslexia and completed his VCE last year.

But the 19-year-old builder still gets annoyed thinking about how he had to lodge three time-consuming applications, over three years, to use a computer during his VCE exams and assessments. "I told them I hadn't lost my dyslexia."

"My handwriting wasn't legible. I'd hand something in that was the right amount of words that I was happy with, but no one could read it."

In an ironic twist, Mr Frances had to hand write an essay explaining why he needed support.

"They were literally telling me to write in 800 words or less why I can't write an essay in 800 words or less."

Charlie's story of the mountains of dyslexia unfriendly paperwork he had to do to apply for VCAA special provisions sounds funny, the way he tells it.  But it's a sad story for the many students who can't even get an application in.  Gladly VCAA is talking the serious issue that is failing hundreds of students that need to get the accommodations they get in class, equitably applied in exams. 

Read the story:http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/special-vce-exam-arrangements-at-record-high-20150812-gixk5s.html#ixzz3ieBLGraK


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