Our Mission

Speld Victoria Mission


SPELD Victoria’s purpose is to assist the estimated 5-10% of all Victorians with Specific Learning Difficulties to achieve their full learning potential. We achieve this through the provision of direct service delivery, information, advocacy and awareness raising amongst the wider Victorian community.


Victoria is a place where Specific Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia are widely understood and are no longer a barrier to individuals achieving their full learning potential.


Collaboration: Our strength comes from respectful partnerships & associations

 Innovation: Lifelong learners, we are creative in our approach to adding value

Commitment: Our dedication is unwavering and our impact lasting

 Results: We exceed our promises, embrace excellence and deliver meaningful evidence-based outcomes

Area of Focus

Engagement: A collaborative work ethos that produces mutual gains for members, stakeholders and SPELD Victoria.

Enablement: Feeling able to achieve learning potential and navigate whatever life throws at you.

Excellence: A gold standard of efficient effectiveness.

These focus areas serve as a lens through which we deliver our services.

Our Services

SPELD Victoria’s current service offerings include Diagnostic Assessment Services; Consultations; Events & Workshops for Parents, Teachers and Allied Health Professionals; Advisory & Advocacy Services; Resources & Research; and Membership Services.