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Everyone who has a Specific Learning Difficulty like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia will have a unique story to tell.  The highs and lows, the challenges.  How did you find out? What worked, what didn’t?  Who helped?  What were your coping strategies? What were the biggest obstacles you overcame? Where are you now?    

Inspire others by sharing your story here. 

Once SPELD Victoria has reviewed your story, it might be published on this page or on our social media pages.

    Our current featured stories

    Professor Keith Houghton’s Story

    Keith Houghton is SPELD Victoria's Patron. Hear his inspiring story of how he has learned to live with his dyslexia and achieve great things for Australia on the national and international stage...
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    Charlie and Nic’s Dyslexia Story

    It is not unusual for a Parent to discover they are dyslexic (or have another SLD) until their child is diagnosed as having a Specific Learning Disability. In fact Dyslexia and SLD are known to be heritable in 40% of cases. Nic and Charlie’s hear-warming story outlines their shared journey of discovery, and how they have learnt to embrace their strengths and meet the challenges of being dyslexic with humour....
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