In order to stay on the front foot, SPELD Victoria has established a Research Committee for two key purposes:

  1. Being informed of current research developments in the area of Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs) including Dyslexia; and
  2. Assisting SPELD Victoria to progress its own research goals either through accessing research grants directly or through partnerships.

We expect our research journey to be an evolving one.  Over time, we intend to build up the membership of this exciting new Research Committee.  SPELD Victoria Members and Stakeholders will be informed directly of new research outcomes.

Research Committee Membership

Keith Houghton, Chair, Emeritus Professor and SPELD Victoria Patron

Deirdre Hardy, SPELD Victoria Committee President

Dr/Professor Cathy Catroppa, PhD; M.Ed.Psych., Dip.Ed.Psych., BBSc; M.A.Ps.S,
Educational & Developmental Psychologist, SPELD Victoria
Senior Research Fellow, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital

Neil Alexander-Passe, Head of Additional Educational Needs at East Barnet School, UK

Current Activities 2022

SPELD Victoria is currently participating in the following:

  1. Project: Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the wellbeing and mental health of vulnerable children and adolescents. (SPELD Victoria /Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
  2. Project: Evaluating the efficacy of Sounds Write at Docklands Primary School (SPELD Victoria, University of Melbourne, Docklands PS; supported by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust)

Past Research

SPELD Victoria has participated in the following:

  1. Project: Self-esteem and locus of control in children who have trouble reading

Emily Scott, Australian Catholic University
Aim: To learn about Self-esteem and locus of control in children who have trouble Reading.

Eligibility: • age 9-12 years;   • diagnosed with dyslexia/reading difficulty.
Lead investigator: Emily Scott

Lead organisation: Australian Catholic University

Estimated completion date: 2019


  1. Project: Improving educational outcomes for children with a disability in Victoria.
    Aim: To explore the issues, tensions and successes associated with trying to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities in Victorian schools.

Lead investigator: Dr Claire Spivakovsky
Lead organisation: Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University
Estimated completion date: Mid 2018

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