Virtual MOU sign off – University of Melbourne & SPELD Thursday 19 August 2021


Virtual MOU sign off – University of Melbourne & SPELD Thursday 19 August 2021

Media Announcement

Thursday 19 August 2021

Official Media Statement

Today SPELD Victoria and the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education (MGSE) signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on targeted course content at Graduate Certificate and Masters level.

This milestone is a significant achievement that will benefit both educators and our Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) community.

The formal MOU was signed via zoom this afternoon at 3pm by:

· Prof Jim Watterston, Dean, Enterprise Professor, Education Systems, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, UoM,

· Prof Lorraine Graham, Associate Dean (International), Professor of Learning Intervention, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, UoM

· Ian McCubbing, Treasurer SPELD Victoria

· Claire Stonier-Kipen, CEO SPELD Victoria

Ms Stonier-Kipen is delighted the working relationship between the two parties will inspire projects to benefit both the SLD community and educators from now and into the future.

“Some of these projects have already been identified and include the development of credited learning pathways for teachers, the curation of course content, the development of micro-credential certificates and, research in a primary school”, she said. “Most excitingly, the signing of this MOU is a further step towards fulfilling the vision of SPELD Victoria’s founder Dr Dudley Hagger – in reforming teacher education and practice to achieve better learning and life outcomes for students with learning difficulties and Specific Learning Disorders”

Dean Watterston’s remarks emphasised the importance of providing targeted support so students do not become disengaged. “Underneath the circumstances of disengagement, there is most often a learning difficulty. We need teachers to be able to teach all their learners.”

Prof Graham commented on the alignment of SPELD Victoria and MGSE. “We share common goals – to support students with learning difficulties and their teachers; demonstrate the effectiveness of evidence-based assessment and intervention; and provide quality learning experiences for teachers and other education professionals. We share a deep respect for students, their families and teachers and the drive to make education better and more equitable.”

The zoom ceremony was enthusiastically attended by several members of the MGSE Learning Intervention Academic Group and SPELD Victoria Committee members, specialists and consultants.”