Sounds-Write is a quality first phonics program developed by John Walker, UK.  Its purpose is to provide classroom professionals with a comprehensive system with which to teach reading, spelling and writing. Its structured, sequential, cumulative approach gets dramatic results for all. It also serves very successfully as an intervention or catch-up program, especially for students with dyslexia.  SPELD Victoria is the only accredited Sounds-Write provider in Victoria.

Ordinarily SPELD Victoria offers Sounds-Write in 2 modes.

  • 6-week online course
  • 4-day in person intensive

Your Presenter is Ashraf Samsudin BSc, Med, (Specialist Education Consultant, SPELD Victoria)

6-week course outline

The 6-week online course is asynchronous, with a number of live online Zoom sessions to support you during the course.  The structure and time commitment involves:


Week: Date week content is available to start Date Weeks content closes for submission Approx. time required:
Week 0 Saturday Friday 2 hours
Week 1 Saturday Friday 8 – 12 hours
Week 2 Saturday Friday 8 – 12 hours
Week 3 Saturday Friday 8 – 12  hours
Week 4 Saturday Friday 8 – 12  hours
Week 5 Saturday Friday 2 hours + review time
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Course assessment

In order to pass the course and get a course certificate, you will need to complete and pass the weekly assignments. These include quizzes to check your understanding of the material, self-assessment tasks, and practice tasks. For the practice tasks, you will need to video yourself practicing some of the Sounds-Write activities and share a link to the video in the discussion forum. You will have to give feedback on the video to two of your peers, and you will get feedback from two other participants on your video.

Please note that a small number of headteachers have asked to be notified of whether staff from their schools are progressing successfully. We will let you know if we are providing your headteacher with any feedback.